2017 marked the start of a new GUTshof era

From the initial concept to the groundbreaking ceremony – the story of the Trattlers Hof-Chalets

While the storied history of the Hotel GUT Trattlerhof**** goes back no less than 370 years, the creation of the 14 charming Trattlers Hof-Chalets marked the dawn of a new era. The entire project, from the initial idea to the planning and successful set-up of the hotel's own 'village of huts' took the team of gifted project partners and innovative hotel staff five thrilling and eventful years of hard work.

GUT things take time. On 20 December 2017, the big moment finally arrived and the luxurious Trattler Hof-Chalets threw open their sturdy wooden doors. Trattlerhof guests have been enjoying their own private chalet holidays here ever since, amid the Bad Kleinkirchheim Ski & Spa Resort. The chalets are as cosy as a mountain hut, as private as a modern house and as comfortable as a holiday at the ****GUT Trattlerhof itself.

The chalet village of Trattlers Hof-Chalets in Carinthia

Country living ethos & sustainability at the Trattlers Hof-Chalets

Since 2017, we've been offering breaks not only at the traditional ****Hotel Trattlerhof, but also at our rustic yet modern mountain hut-style chalets. To fit the Trattler ethos, all 14 huts in the chalet village are built with traditional, high-quality natural materials like larch and spruce wood from local suppliers. Sustainability and local resources play a major part in the Trattler Hof-Chalet experience, as do those many feel-good moments that come with being a Trattler guest on holiday amid the Carinthian landscape.

"The cosy mountain hut charm is coupled with four-star service for a perfect holiday experience for those who want their own private retreat while also enjoying hotel-quality amenities."

A woman sits in front of a chalet in Carinthia and drinks a warm beverage
Relaxing holiday in Carinthia

2012: The very best ideas often come about by chance

"Sometimes you have to change perspective in order to gain new insights." By taking a new perspective and opening his eyes to a whole new location, host Jakob Forstnig laid the foundation for the creation of the Hof-Chalets, which are so popular today. As a young man Jakob Forstnig had visited a magnificent village of mountain huts by chance, and couldn't get them out of his head.

2013–2016: It's all in the planning

The perfect spot in summer and winter alike
Creating the Trattlerhof holiday village was the brainchild of those striving for progress and development, and now there was no holding them back. The perfect location for the Trattlers Hof-Chalets development was soon found within a sweeping property owned by the family. When Jakob Forstnig saw the site right beside the ski piste in Bad Kleinkirchheim ski resort, yet set amid the utter tranquility of Carinthia's exquisite Nock Mountains, he knew that this unique setting simply had to be put to good use.

Quintessential Carinthian cosiness
The rustic, cosy Carinthian style of the huts, which are up to 110 m² in size, owes much to the talent of popular architect duo Andrea & Herwig Ronacher. Known for pairing a natural style with comfort, they used natural materials and drew upon their longstanding expertise to create a complex that chimed exactly with the Trattlerhof vision.

2017: Groundbreaking ceremony and opening

After some five years of planning, coordination and refinement, the long-awaited construction phase for the 14 Hof-Chalets began on 19 May 2017. With so many hands on deck, the major 'chalet village' project at the heart of Bad Kleinkirchheim was ready to open in the same year. The rich traditions of the ****Hotel GUT Trattlerhof have continued here since 20 December 2017.

Guests are in good hands at the luxurious Trattlers Hof-Chalets. Make a no-obligation enquiry today or book your next dream holiday with ease online.